Saturday, October 24, 2009

Delaney skis


So Delaney finally got to go to the slopes with her Daddy this year. She was very excited and seemed to be practicing to be a snow bunny. After skiing she enjoyed playing with her little toy penguins and having hot chocolate. All good events that include snow also include hot chocolate.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

How old is she?!


Its so hard to believe she turns 4 in less than a week! Here's a picture Nate took of Delaney flying a kite. She looks and sounds so much older so often and then she turns into "Looper the cat" and meows and paws at me and I remember she's really just a little thing. She can still curl up into the tiniest imaginable ball on my lap.
Here's our exchange from a few nights ago when she was frustrated with a decision I made concerning her...
Delaney: It just makes me want to fire you!
Me: What does that mean?
Delaney: I don't know.
A little bit later, after being told to pick up in her room, she asked for help. I reminded her that I had been fired.
I've heard her "fire" Jackson before also. He's so earnest; he always replies, "But Delaney, I don't have a job."
And then, Nate just reminded me of an exchange he had with Delaney the morning following a major battle of the wills between two of the most strong-willed people I know....(myself excluded, because I'm not all...seriously...believe me or else!)
Nate: Delaney, I don't like it when we argue. It made me feel bad last night that we argued.
Delaney: I don't like it either, Daddy. (and then in the sweetest possible voice you've ever heard) Maybe you should just let me do what I want to do.


She continues to be in that place of wanting independence but also wanting to not be independent. I guess all of us live in that place from time to time in our lives, or for some of us, all the time. She can be so, so sweet, and so, so sour. I just have to keep remembering that's she's still pretty young, no matter how articulate she is.
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Drew's walker

Drew has started walking for real since this video was taken, but I think its worth watching for... A.) his cute smile B.) Nana was visiting and you can catch a glimpse of her C.) you can witness Drew's very low level of tolerence for frustration D.) you'll be encouraged that children don't actually need expensive walkers E.) Nate's high tolerance for Drew's low tolerance for frustration.
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Drew plays piano


Ahhh...the love affair between a small, baldish person and a big, musical instrument. Drew loves the piano. He can not tolerate anyone playing it, if he is not helping. He likes to help play notes, eat...I mean turn the pages of the music, and compose. If not on my lap, his little finger reach up over the keys and he "tinks" away. Look at the joy on that face! We recently had the piano tuned, for the first time in a LONG time and found out its considered a honky-tonk style piano because of its size and the height of the back. I guess I'll have to learn to play some honky-tonk music. (I have a feeling Drew will help.)
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Great Education


If you talk with me on a regular basis, you've probably heard me sing the praises of Jackson's 1st Grade teacher. I admire her greatly and am a little amazed that we've had such great teachers 2 years in a row. As a former public school teacher (although a brief experience), I speak with respect and also a sense of reality. There are lots of great teachers out there and sadly, also a few duds....these seem to be the only ones you ever hear about....the teachers who leave a lot to complain about. Well, I am not complaining! I love this teacher and the great skill and art she applies to her craft. And the children love her even more, at least mine does. of the fun and educational days they've had this year was "Crazy Hair" day - they read a book by the same title on that day. Well, you know Delaney also had to have a crazy hair day when she saw Jackson's hair. I must say he looks pretty cute like this and maybe a little too old.
Below is a photo of Jackson with his Leprachaun Trap. There was a pesky leprachaun in his classroom that kept rearranging things, tipping over chairs, leaving funny notes on the board, and even stealing the homework folders! Jackson's teacher finally asked all of the children to design a trap to catch the little man so they could get his pot of gold. Apparantly, the leprechaun did get caught and as the teacher was ready to pull him out of the bag to show the class, all that was left was some green glittery dust. Tricky little fellow. It was amazing fodder for their journals and vocabulary/spelling lists.
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